Magnet Reps

Artist Submission Guidelines

Artist Submission Guidelines

Magnet Reps is always interested in adding the right artist to our group of talented, award-winning artist illustrators. We expect applicants to have a well developed distinct and unique style, a passion for their craft, a desire to work hard and some experience doing illustration on their own.

We review artist requests for illustration representation once every two weeks in the order they were received. Artwork submitted for review must be accompanied by a request for representation, emails or packages received without a request for representation will not be reviewed. Artwork may be submitted for review in the following two

1 - Email us a link to your website.

2 - Email us 3 to 4 low-res jpegs or a low-res pdf of your artwork.
Email not to exceed 5 MB.

We do not review artist portfolios or meet with artists in person until we have already reviewed samples and decided we want to see more. Unsolicited portfolios arriving by courier such as fedex will be refused. We do not pay to return unsolicited portfolios of any kind, a fedex number must be provided to us for return.

We represent illustrators - we do not represent photographers, graphic designers, art directors, fine artists, storyboard artists, cartoonists or writers.

Please look through our website to familiarize yourself with the types of artists we represent. We do not represent scientific, technical or medical illustrators, hyper-realistic work, comic book, cartoon, nature, food etc.

We do reply to all requests for representation but due to the large volume of requests we receive, we cannot offer a specific time frame for our reply. It’s easier for us to say ‘No’ quickly than ‘Yes’ quickly, if you haven’t heard from us in more than a month we have either missed your request or we may be interested in your work but have not had time to contact you yet. In a case like this please feel free to email or contact us again.

If we have previously rejected your work for representation there is no need to contact us again unless you have a lot of new work or have substantially changed your style.

Thank you.