Yes, We Have to Boast a Little

Our illustrators' recent magazine covers tackle subjects as diverse as finance, health and travel. Check out some of our latest favorites...

RED NOSE STUDIO, Spreading the Risk for Plansponsor With recent economic and market volatility, plan sponsors are looking for ways to transfer risk, or pass the hot potato, for their pension plans.


EMILIANO PONZI, Arms Control for The Economist In an era of rampant federal contracting, worries arise that increased privatization will lead to a shadow government and imperil national security.


EMILIANO PONZI, Biology 2.0 for The Economist Ten years after the Human-Genome Project, the science of biology continues to be transformed and with recent technological advancements, science seems poised on the verge of something wonderful.


HENNIE HAWORTH, Power of Design for Perspective This eclectic mix of traditional and natural elements with modern, geometric shapes is reminiscent of  fabrics and wallpapers, making it the perfect cover for the Summer issue of Perspective, the magazine of the International Interior Design Association.