Ponzi Illustrates Jose Saramago Children's Book

Emiliano Ponzi's illustrations provide the backdrop for The Biggest Flower in the World, the first and only children's book by bestselling author and Nobel Laureate Jose Saramago.

When describing his work for the book, Emiliano says: "I [...] mostly worked with wide/empty spaces so children could imagine what they don’t see in my illustrations. There is a lot of 'air' in the book, and some details represent fragments from my personal childhood memories, such as my grandma's house floor or the t-shirts I used to wear when I was a little boy.

It is a 'mute' book... in the story there isn't any dialogue at all, so I kept the same atmosphere where the only sound is the ambient one, from the home's wooden floor to the wind in the grass, or the water waves produced by fish in the river."

Visit Emiliano's blog to see more images of the book.