Ponzi Accepts SOI Gold Medal

Emiliano Ponzi was in attendance for the Society of Illustrators Advertising and Institutional awards ceremony on Friday, March 2.  He was presented with gold medals for his Amnesty International animation "Voices for Freedom," and for his EMI Music illustration "Evil Apple Core."  Emiliano's friends and family were also in attendance, including Italian singer Valerio Millefoglie whose label commissioned Emiliano's award-winning piece. Valerio performed songs from his album I miel migliori amici immaginari throughout the night. Below is Emiliano's art, framed and hanging in the Society of Illustrators' gallery.  The caption reads: "This piece combines one of history's evil icons with the apple, the fruit of Eden's Tree of Knowledge. At the core of each apple is a seed, a symbol of life but also a natural source of cyanide. 'Bad seed' is moreover an American idiom for someone who is evil to the core."

Congratulations Emiliano!