Ponzi Exhibits at the New York Times

The New York Times pays tribute to Emiliano Ponzi with a solo exhibition held in its Manhattan office. In the 7th Gallery, on the 7th floor of the editorial office of the most prestigious international newspaper, 40 artworks will be exhibited for the American public. Nicholas Blechman, curator of the exhibition and Art Director of the New York Times Book Review, has selected the most important works of the Italian illustrator that best demonstrate his extraordinary success. This exclusive acknowledgement given to Emiliano Ponzi marks the value of a decade-long artistic career that has been published in the pages of the most important international press: The New York Times, Le Monde, The New Yorker, LA Times, La Repubblica, The Economist, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Il sole 24 ore.

This New York exhibition follows on the heels of Emiliano being awarded two gold medals by the Society of Illustrators.

“These illustrations”, says Nicholas Blechmann, “answer perfectly to the Munari principle, for whom the designer must be able to answer with humility and talent, the questions made by the society in which he lives.”