Praise for Ponzi's Sunrise Hotel

Emiliano Ponzi's Sunrise Hotel at Rome's Wunderkammern Gallery was featured on art and design blog, It's Nice That. Sunrise Hotel was part of the Suspension of Disbelief exhibition that ran throughout the month of October.

"The Sunrise Hotel is a project whereby a hotel-like structure has been built in the Wunderkammern gallery and visitors can peer at the inhabitants’ goings-on through a series of peep-holes – and what goings-on are there to spy. With titles like Alcoholic Mom, Slave and Crime Scene, Emiliano has produced an extraordinary set of scenes glorifying in the seediest parts of society’s underbelly. With sex, death and neglect all present and correct this is an interesting project about the perseverance of private vices in an increasingly public society." - Rob Alderson, It's Nice That