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GRAHAM ROUMIEU: A Manner of Being

February 5th, 2016



for A Manner of Being: Writers on Their Mentors
Edited by Annie Liontas and Jeff Parker, published by University of Massachusetts Press

From Publishers Weekly: “What the writers share of their mentors, and what their mentors shared with them, makes for a fascinating work on writing and the student-teacher relationship.”

Read an excerpt from George Saunders’ essay in The New Yorker


February 2nd, 2016





for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
From Chris’ blog: “Last fall, I was approached by the folks at MTA Arts & Design about the possibility of creating an art card for the subways. The art card project is a way for the MTA Arts & Design to give daily riders something to look at, among all the hustle, that hopefully makes the ride a bit more enjoyable… As we started talking about the project, they also asked if I would consider creating a 2 minute stop-motion animation that would run on the 52 screens throughout the Fulton Center.”


January 28th, 2016


for Color Paris (Harper Collins)
Available May 2016; available for pre-order on Amazon
“Illustrator Hennie Haworth captures the vibrancy, atmospheric flavor, and indelible beauty of the City of Light in this delightful collection of color-in cityscapes… As charming as a retro postcard, each of Haworth’s black-and white line drawings authentically depicts a quintessentially Parisian scene down to the tiniest quirky detail.”

EMILIANO PONZI: Una Storia Americana

January 25th, 2016


Una Storia Americana
Italian Cultural Institute, New York
January 29, 2016 – March 11, 2016
Opening on January 29th, 6 pm
“The Italian Cultural Institute is pleased to host the exhibition Una Storia Americana, which will focus on a selection of works produced in the last five years by the two Italian illustrators Emiliano Ponzi and Olimpia Zagnoli.
These artists are two of the most well-known Italian illustrators in the United States. Their work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, MTA Transit, New York Magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Penguin Books, Time Out New York and Washington Post, and other important advertising companies, magazines, books and newspapers.
Their style is distinct and original; Ponzi’s lyrical images are characterized by delicate colors and conceptual metaphors, while Zagnoli’s illustrations are identifiable for their soft and boldly colored shapes.
Corraini Editore will publish a catalogue with interviews by Steven Guarnaccia and Paul Backley made expressly for the exhibit. The exhibition and the catalogue are curated by Melania Gazzotti.”

RED NOSE STUDIO: Plansponsor

January 22nd, 2016


for Plansponsor
January 2016 cover


January 21st, 2016



for Perrier
Social media marketing

EMILIANO PONZI: Le Monde (France)

January 18th, 2016


for Le Monde (France)
Review of ‘La Renverse’ by Olivier Adam

RED NOSE STUDIO: The Secret Subway

January 14th, 2016


for The Secret Subway by Shana Corey
Published by Schwartz & Wade, available March 8th, 2016

Kirkus Reviews (January 1st, 2016)
“A long-forgotten chapter in New York City history is brilliantly illuminated. In mid-19th-century New York, horses and horse-drawn vehicles were the only means of transportation, and the din created by wheels as they rumbled on the cobblestones was deafening. The congestion at intersections threatened the lives of drivers and pedestrians alike. Many solutions were bandied about, but nothing was ever done. Enter Alfred Ely Beach, an admirer of “newfangled notions.” Working in secret, he created an underground train powered by an enormous fan in a pneumatic tube. He built a tunnel lined with brick and concrete and a sumptuously decorated waiting room for passenger comfort. It brought a curious public rushing to use it and became a great though short-lived success, ending when the corrupt politician Boss Tweed used his influence to kill the whole project. Here is science, history, suspense, secrecy, and skulduggery in action. Corey’s narrative is brisk, chatty, and highly descriptive, vividly presenting all the salient facts and making the events accessible and fascinating to modern readers. The incredibly inventive multimedia illustrations match the text perfectly and add detail, dimension, and pizazz. Located on the inside of the book jacket is a step-by-step guide to the creative process behind these remarkable illustrations. Absolutely wonderful in every way.”

Publishers Weekly (January 4th, 2016)
“Corey’s absorbing story of New York City’s ill-fated first subway provides an ideal venue for the sculptural artistry of Chris Sickels, aka Red Nose Studio. Sickels (The Beginner’s Guide to Running Away from Home) crafts stylized clay figures and furnishings with infinite care, then photographs them under dramatic lighting—they could be stills from a movie. In the 1860s, Alfred Ely Beach conceived of an underground train that could be propelled pneumatically. He oversaw the building of a short tunnel, a single car, the machinery to make it move, and a luxurious underground waiting room, complete with a fountain. “Beach’s train was a sensation,” writes Corey (Here Come the Girl Scouts!). A witty spread shows the car traveling to the right of the page, then back to the left, its momentum causing the wide-eyed, elaborately dressed passengers to sway. Shopkeepers and corrupt city leadership scotched the project, and it was forgotten, but Corey’s account sheds light on the way that commonplace institutions are often preceded by false starts, error, and scandal. Ages 4–8.”

RED NOSE STUDIO: Society of Illustrators Workshop

January 5th, 2016

for Society of Illustrators
A Workshop with Red Nose Studio: January 9th, 2016  12:00 – 5:00 p.m.
“Join the Society and sculptural/ 3D illustrator Chris Sickels, the artist behind Red Nose Studio, for a bare bones, lo-fi stop-motion animation workshop that is an opportunity to submerge into a miniature world of Red Nose characters that you and your fellow participants bring to life via 24 minuscule movements/frames per second.” Get tickets HERE.
Image: The Blowing Bowler (c) Red Nose Studio (2015). Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design.

GRAHAM ROUMIEU: The New York Times

December 30th, 2015


for The New York Times
12 Travel Apps Worth Keeping in 2016