Magnet Artists for Illustration West 49

Catell Ronca, Emiliano Ponzi, Nate Williams and Red Nose Studio each had work accepted into the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles' annual exhibition. This year over 1600 pieces were entered with selected entries being exhibited on the SILA website and at an exhibition at Alhambra's Gallery Nucleus later this month. Red Nose Studio received two Gold Awards in the Advertising and Self-Promotional categories, while Emiliano received a Silver Award in the Editorial category. Congratulations go out to all!

RedNoseStudio1 Red Nose Studio, Personal Work, GOLD AWARD

RedNoseStudio2 Red Nose Studio, Penfield Children's Center, GOLD AWARD

RedNoseStudio3 Red Nose Studio, Blasted Church Vineyards, HONORABLE MENTION

RedNoseStudio4 Red Nose Studio, Personal Work

EmilianoPonzi1 Emiliano Ponzi, Stella Magazine, SILVER AWARD

EmilianoPonzi2 Emiliano Ponzi, La Repubblica, HONORABLE MENTION

EmilianoPonzi3 Emiliano Ponzi, The New York Times

EmilianoPonzi4 Emiliano Ponzi, Newsweek

EmilianoPonzi5 Emiliano Ponzi, La Repubblica

EmilianoPonzi6 Emiliano Ponzi, Los Angeles Times

EmilianoPonzi7 Emiliano Ponzi, Middlebury

NateWilliams1 Nate Williams, Hola Amiga

NateWilliams2 Nate Williams, Personal Work

NateWilliams3 Nate Williams, Michigan State University

CatellRonca1 Catell Ronca, Personal Work