Williams for HOW Magazine

Here is Nate Williams' cover for HOW Magazine's 2012 International and Interactive Design Award Annual. HOW video editor, Phillip Grosvenor, animated the cover, as can be seen here. The HOW blog also features a sneak peak at Nate's interview in the feature 10 World Class Design Firms.

In What ways do color blindness and dyslexia influence your illustration process? “Being dyslexic has had a huge impact on not just the way I see, but how I think. Because it makes reading difficult, you are constantly missing information so you have to fill in the gaps mentally, which over time makes you a very curious and creative person,” Williams shares. “I saw characters (letters/numbers) as abstract shapes instead of the symbols they represent. Because of this, I developed an interest in typography from an early age.”

Read the rest and see the animation here.