Ponzi, Roumieu + Williams Win SPD Awards

Emiliano Ponzi, Graham Roumieu and Nate Williams were honored as merit winners in the 2012 Society of Publication Designers Awards.

Emiliano's submission was an image for Italy's La Repubblica newspaper. The image corresponds with an article on our growing reliance on signs and symbols to navigate this world.

Graham Roumieu's piece, Data Hog, for Bloomberg Businessweek ran alongside the article Wireless: Overstating Smartphone Data Hogs? which discusses how smartphone power users may not be the problem the wireless industry would have you believe.

Nate's image for the Harvard Business Review deals with how the English language is evolving to meet the needs of the world's changing social, intellectual, and economic lives.

Congratulations go out to Emiliano, Graham and Nate!

Emiliano Ponzi's "Subway Angel" for La Repubblica. Stefano Cipolla (designer), Angelo Rinaldi (art director).


Graham Roumieu's "Data Hogs" for Bloomberg Businessweek. Brendan Greeley (writer), Richard Turley (creative director), Cindy Hoffman (design director) and Maayan Pearl (art director).

Nate Williams's "Politics on the English Language" for Harvard Business Review. Betsy Robichaud (designer), Katherine Bell (writer), Alison Beard (editor) and Karen Player (art director).