Ponzi, Red Nose & Williams Recognized by Society of Illustrators 50

Emiliano Ponzi, Red Nose Studio and Nate Williams have all been recognized by the Society of Illustrators 50. Emiliano had four pieces selected, while Red Nose Studio and Nate each had five, with Nate winning a Silver medal for his silkscreen piece that originally appeared in Zeke Bazaar 2, a large silkscreen book by Elzo Durt. The winning pieces will be shown at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators in New York from January 30th to April 26th, 2008 and be published in Illustrators 50: America's Original Annual of Illustration. Congratulations guys!

Society of Illustrators

1675_m.jpg Nate Williams, Zeke Bazaar 2, Silver medal

1236_m.jpg Nate Williams, Young Nomad

1305_m.jpg Nate Williams, Utne Reader

1414_m.jpg Nate Williams, Juxtapoz

1586_m.jpg Nate Williams, Box 1824

1384_m.jpg Emiliano Ponzi, Io Donna Mazgazine

1425_m.jpg Emiliano Ponzi, Io Donna Mazgazine

1625_m.jpg Emiliano Ponzi, personal work

1711_m-1.jpg Emiliano Ponzi, Io Donna Mazgazine

1428_m.jpg Red Nose Studio, Runner's World

1506_m.jpg Red Nose Studio, United States Postal Service

1685_m.jpg Red Nose Studio, The Look Book

1608_m.jpg Red Nose Studio, ASKO Appliances Norway

1583_m.jpg Red Nose Studio, Government Executive Magazine