Red Nose Studio Illustrating Illustration

Red Nose Studio was invited by the Kilkenny County Council Arts Office to exhibit his work in the group show Illustrating Illustration in Kilkenny, Ireland. The exhibition features the work of 11 of the most renowned and successful illustrators from around the world and was curated by award-winning illustrator Alè Mercado (Ireland). The show offers the audience a tour of the process of illustration and opens discussion around two principles- that there is no one original in illustration and that illustration cannot exist without text or concept. Other artists in the show include Saturio Alonso, Steven Aylin, Melinda Beck, BrenB, Ina Fiebig, Jordin Isip, Ana Juan, KEKO, Alé Mercado and Paula Sanz Caballero. Illustrating Illustration runs from Friday, June 13th to Friday, July 25th, 2008.

Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Gallery, 72 John St., Kilkenny, Ireland