Red Nose Studio's Pepsi + Frito Lay Ad Campaign

Red Nose Studio was selected by the Tracy Locke ad agency to create the 'Scare Up Some Fun' North American in-store Halloween POP ad campaign for Pepsi and Frito Lay. The wonderful series of illustrations depict Halloween trick or treaters and party goers in full costumed frivolity with incredible sets and innovative lighting. Fans of his work (and newcomers) will marvel at the unique characters and yes, he did make those products! Originally the project was only to include one character, however when the two clients glimpsed this first one many more were added. They incorporate perfect representations of the products (a Red Nose trade secret) into vignettes featuring a host of characters, both fun and a little scary.

Having two clients instead of the typical one, was an additional challenge for Red Nose Studio, but he feels that it pushed the project further and brought his work to the next level. The support he had from the agency and clients allowed him to experiment with lighting and focus in new ways.

The ad campaign can be seen in grocery and big box stores nationwide in large freestanding aisle headers, POP displays and six foot tall standees of skeletons, mummies and witches. If this doesn't make you want to buy Halloween snacks nothing will! Click on the following links to view photos of the Campaign currently in stores Pumpkin Goblin Pumpkin Head Witch Ancestor Group Display 1 Display 2 Corner 1 Side Mummy Group 2 Corner 2 Side 2