Communication Arts Features Red Nose Studio

Red Nose Studio's wine labels for Blasted Church are currently being featured in the Exhibit Online section of the Communication Arts website.

This storytelling wine label project has been a wonderful collaboration between Chris Sickels (Red Nose Studio), Laurie Millotte & Bernie Hadley-Beauregard (Brandever) and Evelyn Campbell - a most trusting, open-minded and ultra cool client (Blasted Church Vineyards).

The Blasted Church label series tell the true story of an abandoned church that was dismantled in 1929 with the resourceful use of three dynamite sticks ... to loosen the nails. The church was then moved some 20 miles to a new home in Okanagan Falls, British Columbia where it still stands to this day.

Our creative development process was rich with wild ideas, rules-bending, and quirky humor. We anticipate that the wine establishment will find these labels objectionable, ... but consumers may think differently! - Brandever