Red Nose Studio's First Book Releases

We are thrilled to announce the release of Red Nose Studio's first book The Look Book published by F+W Publications.

As siblings Ian and Ann try to keep themselves entertained during a long and boring summer day, they learn that the world around them is more exciting than it first appears. After they leave the house on a quest for amusement, they come across an unusual array of characters and scenarios that make them see the world in surprising new ways. From exercising priest to priests exorcising, and kitchen sinks to sinking kitchens, everything depends on how you look at it. Creative word plays grace every spread and teach the duo that there's plenty to see if you open your eyes to the world around you.

A solid 8 x 8" book, it is packed with with 64 illustrations. The cover is die-cut so you can see through the spectacle 'lenses' to Ian and Ann.

$17.99 (Can $21.99) ISBN 978-1-58180-940-4

The book is available at:

You can 'sea' more images and sketches and fun facts about the book throughout the fall at:

The book was reviewed on Pop Candy, USA Today's blog that 'unwraps pop culture's hip and hidden treasures' on 09/07/2007 in The Week in Pop: My Favorite Things. They had this to say about it:

"A gorgeous book just came out called The Look Book by Chris Sickels (How Books, $17.99). It's somewhere between a children's book and an art book -- he does this amazing 3-D illustrations that remind me of Tim Burton movies and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe."






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