Red Nose Studio Interviewed in HOW

HOW Magazine sat down for 5 questions with Chris of Red Nose Studio. Chris talks about the inception of his 3D style and his early collaboration with former HOW art director Amy Hawk.

1. HOW: We are big fans, Chris. I always love to ask creatives how they would describe what they do or their style to a designer living on another planet. Go for it.

Chris: I have a hard enough time verbally describing my work to designers here on earth, I guess if I were accidentally abducted by designer aliens while they were examining the patterns on my neighbor’s cows, I would tell them I build little 3D worlds and take photos of said scenes to have them reproduced on a page to grab a viewers attention for about three seconds and hopefully, lead them to read the story, article or investigate a package (it would probably be faster for me to draw a picture for them). I would then discover that these aliendesigners love to use illustration, new clients would be landed, and the contract clause “in perpetuity throughout the universe” would finally make sense to me.

To read the interview in its entirety, visit How Magazine: 5 Questions with Chris Sickels.