Red Nose Studio Speaks in Milan

Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio was invited to speak at MiMaster, an Italian organization dedicated to creating international ties between editorial illustrators. Some recent guest speakers have included Roberto Innocenti, Steven Guarnaccia, Brad Holland, Natalie Ascencios, Serge Bloch, François Roca, Thomas Ehretsmann, Olga & Andrej Dugin, Lorenzo Mattotti, Danny Fingeroth, and Nicholas Blechman. Chris decided to teach a class that engaged his students in his process of illustration.

"Students were instructed to amass at least a shoebox full of found objects prior to the workshop along with a list of materials ranging from paints, glues, wire and a chunk of wood," Chris writes. The students completed a series of exercises using these found objects, ultimately creating the following images:

To read more about Chris's visit to Milan, visit his blog.