Kendra Scott Interviews La Scarlatte

Meet Our Illustrator: La Scarlatte

A freelance illustrator based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, La Scarlatte first caught our eye for her delicate attention to detail and playful use of color. But when we asked her a few questions about her life and artistic process, we really fell in love. Read on to learn why we’re so inspired by the rockstar artist behind our Summer ’17 illustrations!

What does your creative process look like?

When I’m creating personal work, an artwork can be thoroughly researched and extensively sketched out before I start on a final artwork, but it can also develop naturally without any preparation. With clients, I always work on a concept and create sketches first, and then create the final artwork. Most of the time I create the artwork as one drawing, then scan it in and color it digitally. But for Kendra Scott, I created every item separately.

What about Kendra Scott’s Summer 2017 Collection inspired your illustrations?

This summer collection has a really great sea and coral vibe, so I paid a visit to the aquarium and tried to find corals, animals, and seaweed that had a similar texture as the jewelry. Kendra Scott already had this beautiful color palette for the items in the collection, and I added a few colors to complement them.

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