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The cult favorite memoirs of Graham Roumieu’s misunderstood “King of the Forest” cryptid, BIGFOOT, are now an animated series!

“Bigfoot would like to express his thanks to his die-hard supporters, hurl a log at his non-supporters, and give a friendly (but sort-of creepy) nod-and-wink to the nice people of MONDO and VRV, which are giving this animated series a perfect home,” says creator Graham Roumieu, reading from a filthy paper retrieved from a tree’s knot hole.

This week, the first of 12 initial episodes of the animated series BIGFOOT air exclusively in the U.S. on the MONDO channel of VRV, the animation-centric streaming service. Based on Graham’s series of graphic ‘novels’, including Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir and Bigfoot: I Not Dead (Plume/Penguin), additional episodes written by executive producers Roumieu and Eric Falconer (Blue Mountain State, The Mick) will premiere weekly. Starting this Sunday (10/6/19), the pilot can also be seen on MONDO’s YouTube channel.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Creative executives Wendy Willis and Greg Franklin; Canadian production and animation teams Blue Ant Media and Solis Animation; Canada’s PSTC and the Bell Fund; executive producers Sam Hansen and Chrystal Falcioni; and of course, comedian K. Trevor Wilson as Bigfoot.

For: MONDO and VRV