Roumieu Follows Kerouac

On the first leg of a trip around the world for Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Graham Roumieu illo blogs it on a roadtrip from New York to Los Angeles with food and travel writer Mark Schatzker. On this first leg of the '80 Days or Bust: One man's attempt to circumnavigate the globe the old-fashioned way' journey the pair are off traveling no faster than 100 mph and taking the time to see, eat, drink, and blog about their experiences. Leaving from Red Hook, Brooklyn in a loaner Mercedes E320 CDI, Graham will accompany Mark to Los Angeles on a one-week deadline where Mark will travel westward to the Far East by ocean liner. They plan to retrace Jack Kerouac's classic On the Road route as closely as possible and to eat in the very diners he did back in the day, or as close a match to them as can be had. (As you read the blog you will see that this becomes difficult and unappetizing.)

First stop Chicago . . . Check out the blog at

80 Days or Bust - Day 3