Roumieu: Raising Readers

Graham Roumieu recently partnered with branding and design agency, Viva & Co, and North America's premiere supplier of high-quality paper, Domtar Distribution Group, for a campaign promoting their HannoArt papers, while also supporting childhood literacy. For the campaign, Graham and fellow illustrators, Chris Silas Neal and Edel Rodriguez, were each asked to illustrate a poster responding to phrases about the importance of words, their meaning and reading in general.

The limited-edition posters, printed on HannoArt paper, are available through Viva & Co's sister company, All revenue collected from the sale of the posters will be donated to Raising Readers, a Canadian non-profit childhood literacy group. Through their programs in Ontario’s public schools and libraries, Raising Readers’ mission is to provide enthusiasm, knowledge and the right environment to stimulate and sustain a young child’s interest in becoming a reader for life.