Roumieu + Ponzi for American Illustration 30

Graham Roumieu and Emiliano Ponzi each had their work selected to appear in the American Illustration 30 annual. From more than 7,000 pieces submitted by over 1,100 entrants, the jury selected just 316 images to appear in the book and represent the best illustrations from 2010. The annual will be printed in full-color and distributed worldwide in hardcover immediately after The Party on November 10th, 2011 - the annual book launch event that brings the creative community together to celebrate the winners.

Congratulations go out to all!

xbeaveratlarge Graham Roumieu, Hemispheres

xpiano Emiliano Ponzi, Feltrinelli (Italy)

xwikileaks Emiliano Ponzi, La Repubblica (Italy)

xplanes Emiliano Ponzi, La Repubblica (Italy)

xbutterfly Emiliano Ponzi, La Repubblica (Italy)