Hennie Haworth illustrated the cover of A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven (Electric Monkey/Egmont Publishing). The young adult novel promotes feminism and combats slut shaming and is the sequel to Steven’s previous title, The Exact Opposite of Okay.

For: Electric Monkey/Egmont Publishing




HENNIE HAWORTH for Color Paris (Harper Collins) Available May 2016; available for pre-order on Amazon "Illustrator Hennie Haworth captures the vibrancy, atmospheric flavor, and indelible beauty of the City of Light in this delightful collection of color-in cityscapes... As charming as a retro postcard, each of Haworth’s black-and white line drawings authentically depicts a quintessentially Parisian scene down to the tiniest quirky detail."

HENNIE HAWORTH: Big Picture Press


HENNIE HAWORTH for Big Picture Press Art Cards: Fashion – "The second in the vibrant series of ARTCARDS: original pieces of art made for you – and made by you! With 16 pull-out ARTCARDS to colour in and decorate with 20 pages containing over 600 stickers, this book features cheeky editorial and highly detailed contemporary illustrations."

Hennie Haworth For Royal Mail

Hennie Haworth illustrated a number of England’s more than 60 species of butterflies for presentation packaging of a series of butterfly stamps. The mixed media illustrations show butterflies at various stages development and in their natural environment, which of course means we get to see loads of Hennie’s gorgeous flowers, plants and berries all in one place! The stamp series, which released this week in the UK, can be found on the Royal Mail website.  



Haworth for Rotman Magazine

Hennie Haworth's illustrations can be seen in recent issues of Rotman magazine. Her illustration about retaining 'high potential' employees appears in their Winter 2013 issue, while her piece about taking an 'artisan approach' to business appeared in the Fall 2012 issue. The magazine is published by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.



Haworth + The Secret Museum

Hennie Haworth illustrated for Harper Collins' newly released book, The Secret Museum. For this unique book, author Molly Oldfield unearthed some of the most intriguing objects that have, until now, been hidden away in museum archives all over the world. Hennie's beautiful and intricate illustrations can be seen throughout the book that includes sixty previously unknown artifacts, from an original Gutenberg bible printed on vellum and a piece of Newton's apple tree to Dickens' letter opener and three pieces of Mars.