Red Nose Studio: 2017 WSRA Children & 2017 Maryland Blue Crab Book Awards for "the secret subway"


For: The Secret Subway

The following Random House Children’s Books have been nominated to the 2017 WSRA Children's Book Awards:
THE SECRET SUBWAY by Shana Corey; illustrated by Red Nose Studio
The WSRA Children's Literature Committee members dedicate themselves to reading widely in order to evaluate the newest books published each year. This is done to recommend the most interesting and valuable books for educators and children to read. The committee considers titles based on the quality of the literature, the appeal for students, and the value for classroom use. The committee creates two lists to help educators select titles for use in their specific areas. The "Just One More Page" list highlights the committee's recommendations for the best of the newest chapter books through eighth grade, while "Picture This" highlights the recommendations for the best of the newest picture books.

THE SECRET SUBWAY has also been named a Transitional Nonfiction Honor Book for the 2017 Maryland Blue Crab Book Awards!
The Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award was created in 2004 in an attempt to stimulate interest in books for the beginning reader and the emergent independent reader. At that time, there were few books produced in this niche, and it was hoped that an award that could garner national attention would encourage authors, illustrators and publishers to produce better quality books in this niche


Congrats Red Nose Studio!